Why Decking Enhances Your Homes Value

By admin | Swindon Decking Installation

Apr 06

If you are looking to make improvements to your home but are concerned about your ROI then you should consider building a deck. Building a deck is a smart way to maintain your homes value. They can be a lot less expensive than building an additional room in your home. They add on to the living space of your home. When you decide to sell your home, you will most likely be able to recoup most of the money that you spent on building a deck during the home sale.

Adding a deck onto your home is not only a way to increase your home’s value, but protect the value of your home. It’s less expensive than building additional rooms in your home, yet it allows you to expand your living space.

Building a deck is a good investment, because you will most likely recoup most of the money when you sell your home. On average, a 85% of the cost of building a wooden deck is recouped during the sale of a home. This is a lot higher then the 70% that is recovered for a bathroom remodel or the 69% that is recouped for a family room addition. Building a deck is a much higher dollar value to your home than any other edition.

Homeowners will save a lot of money building a deck versus building an addition to their home that is enclosed. The savings usually comes from not having to purchase roofing, plumbing, or adding installation and wiring. A lot of homeowners are putting that savings into their decks by purchasing outdoor plumbing and building barbecues for their decks. Having a nice deck attached to your home is great for entertaining friends and family when the weather is nice. It can often take pressure off of other locations of the house such as the kitchen. That’s why homeowners are willing to put more money into employing carpenters to install decking and make them more comfortable.

Now that you know more about how adding a deck to your home will improve and maintain its value, you’ll feel more confident in building a deck for your home. Keep in mind that when you sell your home, you will most likely recoup most of the money that you spend building your deck. It’s a much better value than adding an additional room onto your home or doing a bathroom remodel. A deck is a fun way to entertain guests and family members when the weather is nice. So now that you know more about how a deck can add value to your home, you should get started on building one.

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