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Apr 06

Are you thinking about adding a new fence to your property? Perhaps you have an idea of what needs to be done, but you are not sure which type of fence material to use. There are several different types of fencing that are available on the market today. You can install a wooden fence in a variety of styles with different materials. You can also do post and rail fencing. Let’s look at a few of the options that you have available, and see which one will work best for you.

Wood Fence Panels

One of the primary reasons that people add a wood panel fence around their property is to add privacy. It is also done for safety reasons, and also to add aesthetic value to your home. For privacy, a wood panel fence is typically 4 to 6 feet high. There are several different types including shadowbox, privacy, spaced picket and corral. The most common type is called split rail, primarily because most people can install this type of fence on their own.

Post And Rail Fencing

When people install a post and rail fence, these are typically seen in very rural settings. The fences are about 4 feet high, and will consist of three or four rails going from each post horizontally. You can purchase the wood for these fences, or you can have vinyl post and rail fencing installed instead. The cost will be more in initially, but you will not have to continually care for and paint the post and rails because of the vinyl composition.

Chain Link Fence

Although most people will prefer the appearance of wood over steel, installing a chain-link fence might be exactly what you need. These are usually put around facilities to keep out would-be intruders, the type you see around schools and businesses. These may be from 4 feet to 8 feet high. They are installed with metal poles cemented in the ground. It’s usually best to have a professional install this type of fence, though it can be done by the layperson as well.

Depending upon where you live, and what type of fencing that you need, you will have to make a decision between installing a wood fence, or a post and rail fence. Most households will have a wooden fence with a gate for privacy, and larger properties will have a post and rail fence. You will be able to find affordable materials for your fence in your hometown, or on the web, and can certainly save money if you decide to install your fence on your own.

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