At Swindon Decking Solutions we install composite decks too. As the towns leading provider of decking, we strive to offer a broad array of materials (wooden or composite) to match the budget and aesthetic needs of our client base. This page will outline the benefits of composite decking, popular brands and finish with your frequently asked questions.

Popular Brands

Also called ‘artificial decking’ by some providers, there are growing body of deck manufacturers. These parties all promise value for money, durability and a superior finish. Our team only work with tried and tested providers to produce the best results for you.


Trex marketing spiel currently reads ‘Where form beautifully meets function’. But what’s the reality?

Our team have found the sales spiel meets the hype. Trex provide durable and aesthetically pleasing materials at a range of different price points. Trex supply composite decks. Rails and balustrades. And accessories and lighting.


Another popular provider we utilize is TimberTech. TimberTech’s materials use recycled wood and polyethylene to produce durable and environmentally conscious options for the UK market. This brand of decking prides itself on high UV stability and density. Free samples are available by request.

Your FAQ’s

Whether you’re looking for decking in Swindon, or elsewhere in Wiltshire, these FAQ’s may be applicable to you.

Does a composite deck demand ongoing maintenance?

Wooden decks require staining and sealing. In comparison, composite options require minimal maintenance. Power washers are generally not suitable. If in doubt, rest assured, our Decking Solutions team provide maintenance for you.

What’s the lifespan of these materials?

Of course, every material differs. However, you can typically find warranties for artificial materials that last for up to 10-25 years.

How do these materials impact the value of our home?

Multiple surveys, including those carried out by Remodeling Magazine, have found wooden and composite decking are among the leading investments to protect your homes value.

So there we have it. We hope this review of composite materials has helped guide you. If we’ve left any stone unturned, or you’d like us to visit for a consultation, please reach out to our affable customer services team today.